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GNSS *** UAVs *** Field Services

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Internationally-recognized GNSS Expertise

Our 25 years of expertise in high-precision GNSS (RTK, decimeter, submeter) receiver technology can help you evaluate, acquire, deploy, and train your crews to use high-precision GNSS for 1cm real-time accuracy. No longer is 1cm GNSS technology reserved for engineers and surveyors. We can equip and train almost anyone to use RTK with iPads, smartphones or tablets. Principal Eric Gakstatter is a well-known high-precision GNSS thought-leader and contributing editor to GPS World magazine.


UAV Technology

In 2015, the FAA issued our company a “333 Exemption” and “CoA” to fly Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) commercially. Since then, we’ve gained a lot of experience using low-cost UAVs to capture incredibly high-resolution imagery (1cm/pixel) to generate orthophotos, DEMs, DTMs, 3D models and stockpile volumes more efficiently and safely than manned flights. We are available to assist you in navigating the complex FAA regulations for flying UAVs for your business, applying for a 333 Exemption, training your pilots to fly, and helping your organization develop a software work-flow to produce the deliverables you want. 

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Finally, the reason we remain experts in GNSS, mobile GIS, geospatial, and UAV technology is because we practice what we preach. In our Field Services practice, we use these technologies. We know what technology can do, what it can’t do and what it might be able to do in the future.

We have decades of experience working with private and public entities in water/gas/electric/telecom, oil & gas, agriculture, fed/state/local government, construction, natural resources management, and education fields throughout the United States and across six continents.