We are Discovery Management Group

We are a technology company that provides enterprise-level solutions for GNSS, GIS, drones, mapping, workflows, systems, and solutions. Our mission is to help organizations collect, process, analyze, and visualize geospatial data in a highly efficient and effective manner.

Our Products and Services:

  • GNSS receivers and accessories: We offer high-precision GNSS receivers and accessories for various applications such as surveying, mapping, and construction.
  • GIS software and tools: We provide GIS software and tools for managing and analyzing geospatial data. Our software can be used for a variety of applications such as environmental monitoring, urban planning, and asset management.
  • Drone services: We offer drone services for aerial mapping, surveying, and inspection. Our drones are equipped with high-resolution cameras and other sensors that enable them to capture accurate and detailed images and data.
  • Mapping and visualization: We provide mapping and visualization services for various industries such as agriculture, construction, and mining. We use state-of-the-art technology to create accurate maps and visualizations that help organizations make informed decisions.
  • Workflow and system integration: We specialize in workflow and system integration to enable seamless data exchange and collaboration between different systems and software. We can help your organization with improving efficiency, scaling systems, and deploying the right tools for your needs.